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Sandy at opshopnut

I went to the show for the first time last year and loved the Thread and Ginger Stall! I love the name too. I'll make a point of visiting again this year and saying Hi to SuperTrev :)



Can't wait to see your new book. Your sneak peek of your new design looks so cute!!!

I hope you will have lots of copies of your new book.... I sure they will sell like hot cakes.... I will be buying my own copy... Will you sign it for me.


Sandy N

Natalie Bird

Re: [Natalie Bird] SandyN submitted a comment to Now where was I?

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for your kind comments. Im glad you like the look of the new book. Of course I will sign your copy!
Kind Regards,

Natalie Bird

Re: [Natalie Bird] Sandy at opshopnut submitted a comment to Now where was I?

Thanks Sandy,
We look forward to seeing you. SuperTrev will be dressing inconspicuously, in everyday clothes, not his cape and blue suit.
Kind Regards, Natalie.


Oh, I wish I could have been going to the AQC - But I can sit and waith for your new book. ;-)
Have a great time.
Hugs ;-)

Natalie Bird

Re: [Natalie Bird] Laila submitted a comment to Now where was I?

Hi Laila,
Thanks for your message. I will surely let you know when the book is available. Happy Stitching!

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