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Anni Downs

Hi Nat. Welcome to Blogland!! Looking forward to seeing what you're getting up to every step of the way. Hope you have fun with it!
Keep smiling

Anita Meade

Hi Natalie. I was so happy to visit your website today and find that the "blog" link went somewhere! I am a big fan of your designs and I look forward to seeing your new work unfold here on your blog. Warm wishes, Anita Meade.

Corinna Buchan

Hiya Natalie,

I've been a long time follower of your wonderful designs. I've lots of your early patterns & mags with your designs.

I love your new logo & wish you every good fortune for the future. Looking forward to more of your wonderful creations!

Happy Stitching


Lani Padilla

Hello Natalie -

Welcome to Blogville! Your designs are absolutely delightful :)

I look forward to seeing more of your patterns and maybe even doing your new BOM!



Welcome to blogland. I love your designs - so great and fun to do...
I love the little bird pattern from your september news.
Have a great day.. Hugs.

Cheryl McGovern

Hi Natalie

Well done on taking the blogging plunge!! I look forward to reading all of news and seeing you at the next craft show.
Best wishes
Cheryl McGovern


Hello Natalie,

Welcome to blog land. How exciting for us to read all about you and your new designs.

Your designs are sooooo pretty... I love them.

Sandy N


Welcome to the blogging world, Natalie :-))
How exciting it to be to hear 'Birdhouse' updates via your lovely blog!
Happy stitching, P


Welcome to Blogland exciting. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing all your wonderful designs.

Natalie Lay

Hi Natalie,
I am so excited that I can now add you to my list of blogs that I love to read!
Have a great day,


Welcome to blogland Natalie :-)
I have stitched several of your designs and am looking forward to follow your blog and see what you are coming up with in the future.

Rouge Cerise

Hello Natalie,

Welcome to the fantastic blogland! My name is Nadine and I love your stitcheries designs. Actually I'm working on Small and great creatures! I'm so happy to add your blog to my list and read your next post!
Happy stitching

Rouge Cerise

Miche'le at By Hoki Quilts

Hi Natalie welcome to the land of blog. I am a huge fan of your stitcheries and have just completed Fairyland. Hope to hear a lot more of what you are designing and am very interested on how you design and what inspires you. Say hi to Raelene for us from Hoki.
kind regards

Bronwyn Hayes

Hi Natalie-
Jmust popped by to see what you were doing- and Hey!Presto!Chango- new blog.
I notice you're off to Highfields next year. I've just been there (September). Had a great time. Will we see you at ATM in November? I think from memory you have your own booth. I love your new quilt- what I can see of it.
Bronwyn ...


Hi Natalie,
It was so nice to meet you at AQM.The whole experience was new to me, the market, even the flying!I know hard to believe, it only happened because my boss invited me to go so we could buy for her shop here in N.Z...I loved the whole experience...meeting all the designers was fabulous!
Best wishes with the blog.

catherine aw

Hie Natalie,
I live in Singapore and i have an
old magazine of Australian Country
Craft. for a long time, i wanted
to purchase Millie and Maude, the
twins kit at A$60.
Please, can you email me with your
response? my email address is
thank you.


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